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Friday, September 24, 2010

Benny Shanon: ON DRUGS

Entered into my blogspace on May 5, 2008

This is why we have an Israel?  So many people have suffered and died for you live in an Israel where you can say Moshe was on drugs?

Shut the hell up already!

Hashem gave us the living Torah!  In case you missed it, because YOU were on drugs, it changed, exactly as I predicted it would.  Putz!  And so have the Prophets and Writings.  The evil Benjaminite kings were removed!  The Book of Daniel shortened.  Are you gonna tell me this all happened because I was on drugs?  Do you think living Torah is on drugs?  Hashem is the Most High but that does not mean He is on drugs.

Perhaps Israelis are too forgiving.  Perhaps you would like to come up something productive to do instead of attempting to figure out who might be on drugs.  Perhaps you should be deported to a country less tolerant of someone publishing material that claims Moshe was on drugs.  Really?  This is what you do for a living?

I cannot believe my Mother risked her life so people like you can publish such nonsense.  Perhaps you would like to attempt to receive words direct from Hashem with religious connotations about how He feels about you telling people Moshe was on drugs.

Thank God we do not have a Holy Tomb of Moshe because if we did, it would split open, he would rise up, kick the crap out of you, and show you who the waste-case is.  Please make a life for yourself, while you still can.

If Shamai were alive today I believe he would tell you that YOU were on drugs and he did not believe in you.

Ok, good.

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