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Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Meaningless Tick of the Cosmic Clock

originally posted February 1, 2010

I have used that expression before.

"It's just another tick of the Cosmic Clock."

It was my way of trying to get past the pain.  In the big scheme of things, perhaps from God's perspective, He who created Time, it moves quickly.  He gave us a few millennium to figure it out.  You didn't figure it out in time.  He is ready to collect, so look out.

Such a waste of time and effort on my part.  I'm just trying to look decent while it happens.   The clues appeared repeatedly under your nose and you did nothing.  So many of you didn't even try.  You didn't try until it was too late.  To you I am a joke.  A stunt no one heard about.   A fool trying to stop a tidal wave.   A hero saving a world that doesn't care.  Miracles unreported while you destroy yourselves.  How could you all be so ignorant?

I wonder sometimes...
Why did I survive the disappearances?
Why did I survive Khomeini's bomb?
Why did I survive the jellyfish?
Why did the Beale's have to die?
Why did I survive the attack in the sauna?
Why did I solve so many problems?
Why were my children born?
So they wouldn't recognize me?
So I could watch my kingdom crumble?
To be a lone voice in the crowd?
To realize my family was a farce?
To experience what it is to know my friends are not really my friends?
To live long enough to get the car I predicted just to scrape by in?
To get Lyme Disease, drug-resistant staph, and more wounds?
To provide material for Jack-in-the-Box, SNL, and Geico?
To lose everything I tried to hold on to?
To be left for dead?
To be hungry, angry, and tired and the best some can do is flirt with me?
To watch on the sidelines as you defied every single warning and instruction?

I spectate as you chase Kim Kardashian's ass.

Blue Again.  It's the lasting chill.
You know what I said.
You know what I did.
Explain it to me.
You have plans for me?
Let me guess, a wig and a pogo stick.
I'm not interested.
They don't concern me.
Do you know that I know?
I don't wanna go.
There's only Rapture.

And there's a little black spot on the Son today.
It's the same old thing as yesterday.

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