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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Witches never did anything for you.

from the entry of April 11, 2010

I saved you. Twice.

In 1996, I said it was time to put down your wands, and your other witchy paraphernalia.  Notice how witchy paraphernalia become more popular?


It's not MY fault you all do not communicate very well.

We have a problem.   I have done all I can.  Since you love your witches so much tell them THEY have to help you.

Tell them.

WORMWOOD!  WORMWOOD!   What are we going to do about Wormwood?  The Messiah won't help us!  He said we should come to you.  Can your cats and familiars help us?  They have to stop Wormwood for us!

If they do not understand the term Wormwood use Nibiru or Planet X.  That should get their attention.  DO NOT TELL THEM about the works of the HOLY SPIRIT.  That will only mess them up, the whole "Synagogue of Satan" thing...

Maybe seek out your friends from the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar, Adama, Aton, and the channelers to save you.

Go to Mexico and become a deckhand for a fisherman.  There's an idea for you!

You really think the friendly spacecraft will take you away and treat you like a fairy princess?  Ever swallow an alien?   Maybe the Leprechauns will help.  What about Harry Potter?  Isn't time he helped you?

Get some bitch who thinks she's a goddess to help you!

How about Leora the Arielist Satan Bitch Khomeini the psychotic cancerous parasitic evil sister of Jesus?   She has a lot of energy!

Xtina Gagulera?

The spirits of your dead ancestors?

Maybe you can take all your gold and silver laden items with you.

That should stop the END OF THE WORLD.


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