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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mags and Josh - Episode One

posted February 2, 2010

Some people thought it would be a good idea to retell the story of this couple from about 2,000 years ago.  If people could understand their story, in a slightly up-to-date format, then there would be a greater understanding between people.

The show opens with Mags cowering in front of an angry crowd, some people have rocks in their hands.  Josh steps in front of her and utters, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."  The crowd is dismayed and deflated, they drop their rocks and walk off.

The first scene takes place in Josh's studio.

Josh: Do you want something to drink?

Mags: Uh, sure.  What are you having?

Josh: Just water.

Mags: Uhm, okay.  I'll have some water.

Josh brings over two cups of water and places one in front of Mags.

Mags: Josh, why did you do what you did?

Josh: It was the right thing to do.

Mags: I don't get it.  I've heard about you.  You stand for the law.  Why did you stop the crowd?

Josh: I do stand for the law.  God wanted me to intervene.

Mags: What are you talking about?  I was found guilty by the law.  The penalty for breaking the law is stoning.  I am guilty.  What you did broke the law.

Josh: Yes, I know.  But I know a lot of those guys who were there.  And so do you.

Mags looks away.

Josh: A few of those guys paid you to do what you did.  It is hypocrisy for them to stone you.

Mags: Why?

Josh:  You cannot pay someone to commit a sin and then penalize them.  If the law is applied fairly, they should be stoned along with you.  They have wives.  They should not be doing the stoning.

Mags: They say I tempted them.  I needed the money.  What makes you think you can stop the wheels of justice?

Josh: It was wrong!

Mags: Josh!  No one sees it the way you do!

Josh: Maybe they should.  That's the problem.

Mags:(sighs) We're in a lot of trouble now.

Josh: I know.

Mags: So when are we gonna... that is why you saved me, right?

Josh: No, Mags.  I didn't bring you here to use you the way the others do.  I'm the good guy here.  I'm not saying you're unattractive, but I have better plans for us.

Mags: I don't deserve this.  I've always done what I do.  It's the only life I know.

Josh: You can be much better than that Mags, I know you can.

Mags: What difference does it make?   We're both going to die soon anyway.

Josh: We still have time to make it right.

Mags: So what do you want me to do?

Josh: (pauses)  You could help me out around here.

Mags: How?

Josh: I could get a lot more done if you helped me keep this place clean.

Mags: You want me to be your servant?   How much does that pay?

Josh: Not much, but you won't be breaking the law.

Mags: I don't know about this.

Josh: Think of it more like you're my apprentice.  Just like an apprentice you would sweep the extra sawdust off the floor, keep the merchandise straight, oil my tools...

Mags: (laughs)

Josh: C'mon.  That wasn't meant as a joke.

Mags: Okay.   You know me, everything is about sex.

Josh: It's not all about sex.   It's about service.

Mags: In my business they are the same thing.

Josh: Mags, you have to change your attitude.

Mags: So you want me to sweep up.   Anything else?

Josh: Come over here.

They both walk over to the middle of the shop.

Josh: Repeat after me, "Welcome to Josh's wood shop, may I help you?"

Mags: You're kidding.

Josh: Mags, please?

Mags: Welcome to Josh's wood shop, may I help you?

Josh: You're gonna have to work on that.   Remember to smile when you say it.

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