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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Numbskull of Puerto Rico

from March 30, 2010

Let us look at this logically.

Forget for one minute that I am Benjamin quien es Jesus, el R 13 de Los Angeles, el Coyote, El Salvador, Chupacabra Numero Uno, y Daddy Yankee realmente and the hero of every faith and path.

If the priest in Puerto Rico who claims to be Jesus Christ, is in fact Jesus Christ, then the Catholic Church should have put him in charge of the Church.  They have not.  Therefore, logically, he is not Jesus Christ.  For him to go on telling this ultimate blasphemy is a most terrible sin.  But the Church has not silenced him.

You have to wonder how the Catholic Church makes decisions and who is really running the Church because at the topmost level it seems to not have any brains at all.

Now remember that when a Catholic priest called me to his office when I was about five years old and told me he believed I was Jesus and I hypothetically assumed he was correct in his belief I then concluded I WOULD BE IN CHARGE OF THE CHURCH, then you should realize how stupid all of this seems to me.

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