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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Modern Day Parable

from January 21, 2010

A long time ago there was a series of people who believed there would be a great man who would save everybody.  Many people read these stories and believed this would be a person capable of anything. 

On a beautiful night in the desert he was born.  Three kings came to see him by following signs in the night sky because they knew the greatest person who ever lived was born and they wanted to acknowledge him.

As the boy grew up, his accomplishments were astonishing.  He taught people everywhere he went.  He was also a good student and observed much unusual activity in his vicinity.  When he became a young man, he traveled to the East for many years.  When people in the lands he visited asked him about himself he told them he was the "Messiah, the chosen savior of my people."  Years later, he returned to his homeland to fulfill his destiny.

He learned there was another man who was practicing an unusual ceremony in a river and who was talking about him.  He went to see the man in the river, and even though the man in the river had said he was not fit to tie the shoes of the Messiah, he participated in the water ritual because he knew this man was very important and he wanted to bond with him.

After the water ceremony, the man so many people had been waiting for became very busy.  The pagan invaders that took over his homeland tried to discredit him and the people that grew up there seemed to forget all the lessons that their Creator had given to the great men who came before him.  He had a lot of explaining to do and found men who would write down his story for him so people in the future would know what he did and eventually, defeat the very powerful, well-organized, cruel empire of pagans that believed in many gods instead of one.

At some point he learned that the man he bonded with had been beheaded by the pagan rulers of his homeland but that did not really deter him, it only strengthened his resolve.  One day he went to see a blind man, who had uncertain faith, to cure him of his blindness but he was killed when he got run over by a girl who was completely oblivious of everything because she was simultaneously driving, texting on her cellphone, drinking a Diet Coke and smoking a cigarette.

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