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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Greetings from Oregon

added to the blog on February 16, 2010

This was amusing to me.

A few months ago, after I heard my Dad was about to begin chemotherapy and it became too hazardous for me to remain in California, I decided to drive north.   I had been in through Arizona and New Mexico.   Living in a black on black car in the intense heat of the Summer in the Desert Southwest was no picnic.   I wasn't getting much help in my hometown, so I went to Oregon.

I had never set foot in Oregon before.  Oregon is beautiful and I enjoyed meeting people in Corvallis, Salem and Portland.  Unfortunately, this Summer in Oregon hit record temperatures and even camping in my new tent was pretty miserable.  My life was definitely swirling down the tube and yet I managed to run into a few more people Nicole's friends had found and Nicole told me about more than three years before.   Apparently no one tipped these people off about me.  I seemed to know who these people were and what they would say ahead of time.   Mostly, they must have thought I was really strange.

A few times I checked into a motel near I-5 in Salem.   I needed to sleep on a bed, get out of the heat, stay off the street, tend to my wounded foot, clean myself and my clothes.

At one point I was in this motel room and I hear a knock at the door.  I wasn't expecting anyone and was disturbed by the intrusion.  I opened the door and there were two girls there.  I'll just say they were younger than me, casually dressed, and not part of the motel staff.  I greeted them with an over-enthusiastic:


and held the door open.  The shorter one walked in with a smile on her face but the other one shook her head.  The two of the left while one mumbled something about "Sorry, we got the wrong room."

LOL.!  Hoes never cease to amuse me.  They had a better chance with me than Neelam and Nicole did but I guess I frightened them away.  I didn't have money for them anyway.  They should PAY ME, right?  When are they gonna have an opportunity with a holy penis again?

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