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Monday, November 22, 2010

It's gonna happen anyway

created January 26, 2010

The whole "kids" issue is one that bothers me more than you can imagine.  There is nothing worse than stealing someone's family.  You will ruin or destroy someone in the process.  Especially if they never deserved such treatment in the first place.

So, let's look at the evidence:

This is me at 13 years and about 5 months.  Ironically, just a few short weeks before I met with Sydney Rushakoff and made the biggest mistake of my life.  Asking him if I would ever get married and selecting Nicole.

On June 30, 2006 Nicole says to me "Jenny McCarthy says you're the father of her child."  This kid looks nothing like me.  I have never been alone with Jenny McCarthy so how could I have possibly fathered her kid?  If I was this kid's father don't you think Jenny McCarthy should ACT like she gives a damn about me?  She doesn't.  Obviously Nicole Scherzinger was telling a lie.

These kids look like they could be mine.  Obviously an objective DNA test would prove this.  I never wanted Jodie to have my kids; that was her idea.  She is the Anti-Christ.  If these kids are proven to be mine all three must die.  Neither of us would want to have sex with each other.  Jodie is by far, when proven to have committed this egregious crime, they lowest of the low.  The epitome of envy.

This kid definitely looks like he is mine.  I never had sex with this woman, Ms Christina Aguilera.  Explain it then.  This kid has her grey eyes but looks nothing like her catboy-manager-husband.  Don't you think Christina owes me?  I laid my life on the line.  This kid was obviously a mistake.  A gift from God was squandered!  How pathetic!  That is why Xtina is a "Spoiled-rotten diva and a hypocrite."

And the rest of the world must be scratching their heads by now.

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