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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Night's Message

an important blog from April 2, 2010

The word from beyond will always take precedence over what I might intend to write about today.  Last night, right after I got into bed, I was overcome by a vision, and this vision was in TEXT format.  This is highly unusual.  Normally my visions are not letters and numbers.  In a blue sky I saw in very clear, bold and black letters:


It looked A LOT like the Impact font I've selected above.


What could that mean?  Of course my first impression was some verses.  After considering the other possibilities and not seeing anything else that might lead me another way I got up and opened my books.  I knew off the top of my head that there are not many books in Scripture where there are 45 verses in the sixth chapter, let alone 55.  After going through them quickly, I determined that this was a reference to the Book of Baruch.  Baruch is Hebrew for Blessed; prayers in Hebrew often begin with, in English,  "Blessed art thou, Lord our God..."

Perhaps the verses in the Gospels might apply, but there is a section in this group of verses that reminded me of something I saw last week.  I did not mention it here because it seemed to be just a clue and before I came to any conclusions I wanted to think about it.
45 'Made by woodworkers and goldsmiths, they are only what those workmen decide to make them.
46 Their makers have not long to live themselves, so how can the things they make be gods?

47 Their legacy to their descendants is nothing but delusion and dishonour.

48 If war or disasters befall them, the priests discuss where best to hide themselves and these gods;

49 how can anyone fail to realise that they are not gods, if they cannot save themselves from war or from disasters?

50 And since they are only made of wood overlaid with gold or silver, it will later become apparent that they are spurious; it will be obvious to everyone, to nations as to kings, that they are not gods but the work of human hands, and that there is no divine activity in them.

51 Does anyone still need convincing that they are not gods?

52 'They can neither appoint a king over a country, nor give rain to humankind,

53 nor regulate their own affairs, nor rescue anyone who suffers a wrong; they are as helpless as crows between sky and ground.

54 If fire falls on the temple of these wooden gods overlaid with gold or silver, their priests fly to safety while they for their part stay there like beams, to be burnt.

55 They cannot put up any resistance to a king or to enemies.

I pasted the above from an online version, with original spelling.  Last week I saw a brief vision of black birds flying away into the sky.  I know that is not the most incredible one I have had but I was wondering what it meant.  Verses 53 & 54 seemed to be hinted at in last week's vision. 

Priests and church workers often flee at the sight of me. 

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