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Monday, November 22, 2010

Islamic Weapons Will Not Discriminate

added to the blogspace January 27, 2010

Since June 30, 2006 I have seen signs that leaders in Palestine have taken note of what I said.

I will reiterate these points.

For too long you have been the untouchables and pawns of those that would sacrifice you to meet their ends.  Lunatics, extremists, and sore losers.  Losers that think they won.

They do not love you.  They keep you out of their country because they want you to die for them.  The ghost of Khomeini, the Haman worse than the first, must not aggravate you.  Revelations said the false prophet will burn.  They might be able to target Zionist facilities but you will be in just as much peril.

Scuds did not do the damage Saddam predicted.

Persian nuclear weapons will kill you along with the Jews.  The Revolutionary Guard is a threat to Islam, peace, and stability.  If they wanted peace, why do they send you so many dangerous shipments?  They would glorify your empty deaths.   They profit from provoking your conflict.

Send their weapons back to them.

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