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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jewish Girl Hell

for the February 27, 2010 entry

I know so many of you believe in Heaven.  There are differing levels of Hell, as well.  Here is one I am working on.  I call it Jewish Girl Hell.

Jewish Girls are the bane of my existence.  You are mostly weak, have done so much to discredit Judaism, and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME WHILE I SUFFERED.  You took from me, avoided me, and are too little too late, to put it mildly.

I have selected their queen.  It will be inhabited only by females.  Their queen was the liaison to those that made me into a cartoon that hops on a pogo stick even though I told them not to do that in the first place.

She will need some assistants because I know how difficult it is to keep ladies in line.  
That is why God did not address that many commandments to women.  They don't listen or follow very well.

The three assistants in Jewish Girl Hell are Depesh M'ode Silverman, Nischt Fer Mier Portman, and Johansen The Girl Kisser.  You believe in them and not me, right?

That's what they deserve because they took too long.  Too rich, too busy, and not compatible.

Is that Magical enough for you?

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