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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Modern Day Parable

from the blog on January 24, 2010

There once was a boy named Han who came from a bad family.  The people in his family fought amongst themselves a lot.   They always seemed to be at war with each other and this made Han very self-conscious.  People outside of Han's family often took advantage of them and attempted to divide and conquer them.  It got so bad that Han and his family had to build a big wall around their property.

People did not stop their attempts to take advantage of Han's family and Han developed very sensitive feelings.  He decided to workout a lot so he would be able to defend himself against the people that picked on him.  Eventually he became a little too strong.

One day, he read a popular book by a man named Karl from another country and became inspired by it.  He knew if he could use parts of Karl's book then he would be able to control his destiny and the other people would leave him alone.

Soon Han was making friends with his neighbors and convincing them he would be friends with them if they would trade with Han and use the same lessons from Karl's book.   Any book that refuted Karl's book would be discouraged.  His neighbors found this idea very appealing.

Soon Han controlled a lot of property and his neighbors killed a lot of people.  Han enjoyed this control and called it "moving forward" and Han became rich.  Han reasoned that it didn't matter if people died by the millions as long as Han got rich and people believed in his version of Karl's teachings even though Karl's book was impossible.   Han did not believe in Jesus because Karl's book told him not to.  And besides, Catholics ignored the warnings from God so Han thought he could do the same.

Han continued on his merry way until everyone died.

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