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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Even the smartest people do stupid things

especially for March 11, 2010

This post is just another example of the type of surreal nightmare my life is.  I know sometimes the posts I write are difficult to fathom but they are true, even if I add some humor to them to lighten them up.

I mentioned in this blogspace about how I have encountered divine beings from time to time and how I coined the term "inhabited" to encompass all types, from demonic possession to angelic rapture.  This is the story of what happened "after that."

If you recall, I mentioned in a previous post my ONE OF many encounters with the Archangel Gabriel.  This especially bizarre one occurred when I was speaking privately in a hotel room with Rabbi Jospeh Telushkin and Dennis Prager.  Go ahead and Google either of these men.  Dennis told he he had "heard the tapes" and had some advice for me.  Advice on how to be the Messiah.  Considering I had already done what it took to avert ONE APOCALYPSE I think I know what I am doing.  But I was willing to hear him out.  Soon after this meeting began, Gabriel takes over Dennis Prager's body and the tone and content of this meeting changed dramatically.  Gabriel asked me to explain "Why does your sister have to die?"  Not "if" or "where" or "when."  Nicole Scherzinger and her friends want me to tell them "when" someone will die.

At a later service, Rabbi Telushkin led a discussion that could have been entitled "The Messiah has to kill a member of his family.  Can he do it?"  I was stunned.  I have encountered so many wrong things but this one was "very wrong."  So many thoughts went through my mind.  That he should have spoken to me about this beforehand, for so many reasons, was first.  We have a joke amongst those of us that ran the temple that the average age of our congregation is "dead."  This discussion must have been going over their heads.  How was this going to help me achieve this objective?  My predecessor as President Howard Fine looked at me while this was going on and I made a joke about it that was mostly pantomime.  He thought it was funny.  Sometimes I just have to make a joke out of a situation to get by.

As it has turned out SHE was not killed on schedule and that is the main reason I "lost it" in 2007.  That Nicole Scherzinger's friends thought I was going to "do it" is yet another reason why it should be very clear to all of you that she and all her friends are WRONG.  Dirty, evil, low-down, hypocritical, God-defying, sinners that have dragged the rest of the world (THAT I SACRIFICED MYSELF TO SAVE) under. 

Way to go bitch; you helped sustain the worst evils in this world.

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