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Thursday, November 25, 2010

June 9, 1971

created on March 8, 2010

That is the day Gloria was born in Barcelona.  She was tall and lanky, like me.  God promised her to me in a vision I had around the time she was born.  This event was too bizarre for me to share with people for many years.  I thought if I did, it would ruin it.  People who had never heard about it would sometimes ask me about her; and I would pretend like I did not know who she was.  Keeping her a secret was the way I tried to ensure this prophecy would not get ruined.

She looked like the classic bright red haired Madonna and Venus on the half shell from that famous painting.  To me she was perfect in every way.  That is, before we met.  Deep down, for a quarter century I waited and looked for her knowing one day I would see her and God's promise to me would be fulfilled.  U2's "Gloria" would often send me into another place because it reminded me of her and I knew she would love that song, too.

I was born on June 18, 1963.  Tell me wise astrologers, she and I were a perfect match, right?  She and I belonged together, right?  What could possibly go wrong with God's plan for me?

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