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Monday, November 22, 2010

Triple Fire - Flickering

added on February 1, 2010
After I moved from the apartment on Martel I needed another knee operation right after I had gotten settled in at 8585 Burton Way.  Around the end of 1993, I went on a trip to the Far East with the rest of my family.  We flew from LAX to Tokyo for a brief layover then onto Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.  This was a dream come true; I had heard so much about these places and to see them in person was amazing.   I remember shopping with my Mom and sister in a jewelry shop in Thailand and was thinking of buying an ear cuff with an elephant on it for Irina.   I decided it might be a bit too much and decide a few touristy trinkets might be more appropriate.  I was thinking about her a lot on the trip but I decided that it would be a mistake to do anything that would look like I was trying to “buy her.”

Around this time I had become friendlier with Josh Milrad and spent more time with him and some of his buddies, including Geoff Donne.  Even though I was in that place less than a year we talked about moving in, the three us, into one of the brewery lofts east of downtown LA.  There was one we liked a lot that happened to have Christina Applegate as a listed tenant.  We talked about putting in a basketball half-court and maybe a jacuzzi.   We had the money to do all that and thought we could collaborate on a number of different creative projects.  Being freeway close would make things fairly easy for me to service some of my IT clients around the county.  We were moving towards that when Geoff's grandmother became ill and her apartment became available on Kings Rd.  Geoff and Josh moved in there together before they told me what happened.  I told them it was okay, I didn't feel left out.  They said I could come over anytime and I did that a lot.  They were just south of where Irina lived.  Eventually, I told Geoff about her and he told me how incredible she sounded and wished me luck with her.

I asked Irina if we could get together when I got back to the US and she says that would be fine.  I had wrapped some of the trinkets for her and brought them over.  She opens them and tells me she hates them and they are crap; she would never buy that stuff herself and doesn't want any of it.  She informs me if I knew her any better then I wouldn't have wasted my time and money on these things.  I awkwardly explain that I have wanted to get to know her better but she hasn't given me the chance.  She tells me she has plans for later that day and I need to go.

At that point I was really reaching.  I tried to reason with her that we are really compatible.  She responds, “No, we're not.  I'm triple fire.  I'm always breaking things.”  As I was about to tell her “Yeah, but I'm really great at fixing things!” her expression lets me know she doesn't want to hear it.  You can't talk someone into loving you.  Either they do or they don't.  You also can't convince someone they are astrologically compatible if they don't believe they are.  I take my Asian crap with me with my tail between my legs as I go out the door.  Soon after that, I resolve to get to know more about astrology, if not to learn from it, to be a little more conversant in it.  Maybe there was something to it that I can learn about myself and other people, and girls seem to really enjoy those types of conversations.

I had wanted to ask her out again months later but I soon realized that there was at least one other person, if not more, that were competing for her time and I was forcing the issue.   She turned me down.  I was very surprised when she called me up a few weeks after that to invite me on a trip.  A group of her friends were going someplace east of Palm Dessert to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  It sounded fun at first, especially since it was around my birthday.  When I inquired she told me she couldn't tell me where it would take place exactly because it was secret, and further that I could not tell anyone where I was going, whom I was with, when I would return, or anything like that.  The secrecy was just too unsettling for me.  Also, this guy who was leading this secret excursion seemed a bit on the strange side based on what she tells me.  I tell her it sounds like fun but I am not willing to go along with her terms.  After she evades a lot of my questions I tell her it's just not the type of thing I am comfortable doing.  She tells me she understands and does not sound at all disappointed when she hangs up the phone.

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