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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get up here, Jesus!

on April 11, 2010

At night I lay myself down and once again the most curious thing happened. My physical body disappeared and I was escorted to Heaven.  When I arrived I came face to faces with the Elohim, or as you might know them, the Hosts.

Hosts: Welcome, Jesus Krishna.

Me: So good to see you.

Hosts: We are preparing the Most Special place for you.

Me: The throne on the water.

Hosts: We are planning something else for you before Throne On The Water.

Me: Wonderful.  Is there something I can do for you?

Hosts: Yes.  That is why we asked you here.  We want you to answer a question for us.

Me: I would be glad to do that.  Is there some reason Our Father will not answer this question for you?

Hosts: Our Creator has decided to delegate much of his responsibilities to you.  He said we should ask you.

Me: Have you sought an answer from the Holy Spirit?

Hosts: The Holy Spirit said you would answer our question.

Me: Surely the Archangels could answer the question.

Hosts: They are all busy preparing things for you.  They have been struggling with all the evil ones.  They submit to you.   We want the One, the most privileged and responsible, to answer and explain.

Me: Then, by all means, ask this very important question.

Hosts: Which church is the worst of the Synagogues of Satan?

Me: Which is worst?  Are not ALL Synagogues of Satan terrible?

Hosts: True.  But of all of them which is worst?  The Catholic?  The Tele-Evangelical "Jesus Big Business?"  The Mormon?  Or is it Church of Scientology?

(to be continued...)

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