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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why should he?

for inclusion on April 1, 2010

I wish all of you could have heard the entire conversation we had in 2006.

Back then it was really important for everyone to understand who was who and what was what.
How certain individuals handle their private and public lives is not really that important to me.
If they really are a part of my life then it is important.
But public figures are no different to me than anyone else.
They all start off equal and then rise or fall according to what they do.
Nicole wanted to know what I thought about some rich and famous Stanford weenie.
I tried to explain that I am the Messiah
I explained why Scriptures had miraculously changed before and that they would change again
I know that a certain rich and famous Stanford weenie played a great game
But I never played that game
So I'm sure a Stanford weenie
Would not care what I thought about
His drives
His long game
His short game
And how he handles his putts
On the front nine
On the back nine
Or who washes his balls in the clubhouse
Because Stanford weenies
Probably blame me for the Miracle at Memorial
Or deny that it even happened
Maybe they're right
But I would have to respond
With that which is obvious to any who saw the greatest play in the history of sports
That it would not have happened
If the marching band of Stanford weenies
Knew the difference between
A game that is still being played
And when time has run out.

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