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Saturday, November 27, 2010

How I turned the tables on Atheists

for the blog entry of March 28, 2010

All of atheism has been proven wrong.

Atheists hate the Bible.

They think they can pick it apart.

Their favorite attack point is Genesis chapter 6.

They say the evidence against it is overwhelming and therefore all of the Bible is wrong.

I said God would edit EVERYONE'S copy of Genesis chapter 6 within one year of June 30, 2006 and within eleven months that is exactly what happened.

Genesis chapter 6 is TRUE.  I have not found ONE copy that did not get augmented as I said it would be.

Every atheist now can see the truth as long as they stop covering up their eyes and ears to this miraculous event.

Why should you consider what any atheist has to say?

They are all fools.

And furthermore, there are other fools attempting to summon the alien enemies.  Let them go.  We don't need alien sympathizers on Planet Earth anymore.

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