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Friday, November 26, 2010


as of March 21, 2010

His name is Jonathan.  He is one of the old timers, an elder statesman, of the MA group where I got sober.  There are a lot of guys there I got along with.  Guys who really helped me get through the early days of getting off drugs.  Guys who let me know in their own unique way I was not alone.  Guys who treated me as one of them even though they had no clue who I really am.

Over the years that I went to those meetings on Tuesday and Thursday nights at St. Bede's Episcopal I saw Jonathan there often.  Keep in mind, when I shared with the group or chatted privately with him and the others I never mentioned Nicole Scherzinger.  Every once in a while Jonathan would start talking about her.  He told me she had gotten engaged (to Nick Hexum.)  He told me she had gotten married (to that Canadian Dude).  He told me I should check out certain shows.  None of this really phased me.  If she was serious she would not be all over these other guys.  Besides, once she was getting her ass pounded by my upstairs neighbor I knew it was over.  Actions speak louder than songs.

At one point Jonathan and I spoke outside the church.  It was a very odd little conversation.  He wanted to know why "I was here."  Not the getting sober part but my ultimate purpose.  I told him.  He was amazed at my answer.

After I made it back to California from Arizona I went back to the home group, you know, to let them know I was still alive and what happened in Arizona.  I spoke with Jonathan about those times we spoke privately about Nicole's private life and the time I explained I was the Messiah.  He told me he did not remember any of those conversations.

What can you conclude from that?

I am crazy?
I made this whole thing up?
Jonathan is playing a joke on me?
Jonathan was just acting?
Jonathan has a really bad memory for some reason?
Jonathan was possessed?

I would like someone to explain it to me....

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