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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give My Regards To Edie Zusman

posted February 3, 2010

The last time I saw Edie was at our high school reunion at the Queen Mary.  I have been thinking about her because every time I log into facebook I see a suggestion about emailing her.  Every time.   Is it just a coincidence?

Who is Edie?   We are the same age and went to school together for four years.   She is gorgeous, very intelligent, and has an excellent figure.   She is a brain surgeon.   She has a wonderful smile and laugh.  She is as close to superwoman as you can find.

I remember seeing her the first time when we were freshmen, it might have even been the first day.  Wow!  Her family had just moved to Beverly Hills and although she is very intelligent she didn't know where anything was at school.   I attended summer school before the term so I knew where all of it was.  I escorted her here and there until she could find all the important places.

I asked her out soon after that and she said "yes."   Since I lived far away I had to get my Dad to drop me off.   I distinctly remember when I asked her what she wanted to be when she got older she replied, "I'm going to be a doctor!"  No hesitation, no uncertainty.   It was inevitable.   Her confidence was intoxicating to me.  Eventually my friends and I gave her a few nicknames like "Doctor Edie."

For a few weeks my Dad would drop me off at her house after diner and pick me up about two hours later.   I was very serious about it then, now it seems so funny.

After a few weeks she told me she was going to go on dates with other guys.  Oh, was I crushed.  I didn't do anything wrong but I was "just the first guy."   Where was the reward for having the courage and intelligence for being first?   It only lasts for so long when you're fourteen?

We remained friendly throughout the four years.   We never really went out again alone but we had a lot of the same friends.

One day when we were seniors she comes up to me in the outdoor school parking lot.  I had already explained the dream and the black dot, my eyes had changed from brown to hazel, and many other unusual things had happened.   In her wonderfully direct, no-nonsense way she asked me, "So, when are you gonna save us?"  As if I was going to give her a precise day she could put in her DayRunner so she would know ahead of time and organize her schedule around it.   I told her I could not provide a specific day.

Now I can, Edie.

The first would have been just after March 13, 1997.   The precise day is unclear but certainly surviving March 9, 1997 was important.   Other days might also qualify.   I would add that by July 1, 2007 the second predicted end of it all had been averted.  So that's two dates, Edie.

The rest is up to all of you.

P.S. Edie, after all that's happened I think I need my head examined.

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