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Friday, November 26, 2010

I have a complaint

added March 18, 2010

Me: I would like to talk with you about something.

YouTube: What do you want?

Me: I attempted to upload a video and it was rejected because it was "too long."

YouTube: We've had some complaints about you.  We want you to go away.

Me: It is very important that I upload this video.  Since I have not been accorded the proper place that I am entitled to, YouTube is the best place for me to share my Sermon with the world.

YouTube: If you can make this sermon of yours shorter then we will accept it.

Me: Who are you to tell me to shorten the Sermon?  Why do you think you can censor me?

YouTube: You have a bad attitude.  If you were more popular we would allow for your longer videos.

Me: I am not here to be popular.  I know I do not want to do what it takes to be popular.  The truth is unsettling for people but they need to hear it.

YouTube: You might want to consider sponsorship.  If you are amenable to this and allow us to run Ads over your video you might be able to upload the entire video in one piece.

Me: Advertisements with the Sermon?  Are you joking?  I have no control over whom you choose to advertise with my videos.  That would greatly diminish the message.  It would also look like I was endorsing these products, which I do not.

YouTube: Take it or leave it, buddy.  Rules are rules and we reserve the right to change them at any time.  Start your own website if you want to run your rambling nonsense for people who really don't care.

Me: We will see about that soon enough.

YouTube: You should have died the night Biggie Smalls was murdered!

Me: Up yours!

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