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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Because Girls Cannot Handle Me

posted September 7, 2009

Stop saying I am not real.
Stop saying I am crazy.
You only have about three years left anyway, and GOD has been watching all of it go down.

Girls want babies.
Girls want babies even if they cannot maintain a relationship with a man. Girls think men should do all the work. They want a lot of money but they do not understand money.

Girls want to be chased.
Girls want to be rescued.
Girls want to be wooed.
Girls want to be lavished.
Girls want men to fight over them.
Girls want to gossip.
Girls want peace.

Girls want me to risk my life for them.
Girls want me to fix them.
Girls want to know why I am not more successful.
Girls are not interested in my problems.
Girls make my problems worse.

And then they wonder why I don't care any more.

Gangstas want me dead.
Crazy Old Ladies want to be rid of me.
Aliens want a piece of me.
And girls still want me to say there is hope.
Everyone wants to talk about my car.

God is laughing at you while I ROFLMAO!

three years or less.

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