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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

shared on December 18, 2009

President Obama speaks at the the Climate Change conference and Iranians take an Iraqi oil well.  Does anyone else see the connection here?

Is it not OBVIOUS who the bad guys in this MOVIE are?

I am so SICK of people not understanding this one bit.   I am so sick of hearing people blame the crimes they commit on America.  Why should any entity NEGOTIATE with the REVOLUTIONARY GUARD?   Apparently my jihad against KHOMEINI will not end, and neither should yours.  Talk is cheap, especially that of the arrogant dictatorship in Persia.  They only understand coercion.  Give them a message they can comprehend!

Hussein knew the real enemy was the Iranians.  God's least favorite woman is Persian.  In another place and time I would have decapitated this bitch on sight for comforting the murderer who tried to kill me and stalked me off and on for ten years.

Recommended reading: Whirlwind by James Clavel.

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