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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The First Time I Saw Her

created November 28, 2009

I know, that if you are following my blog, that I keep referencing a conversation I had on June 30, 2006.  It was real.  There have also been tapes made that people have told me they have heard.  They just don't tell me what they heard.  So I merely assume they know about me and what happened about 13 years ago.

Back to the conversation of June 30, 2006.  To me, it is necessary to go over it because I am not sure who heard what and what it means to them.  I have not heard these tapes, so I share what I can, when I can with the rest of you.

At some point Nicole asks me when I had seen her "before that..."

So I go back to the first time that I remembered.

I was a member of the BHHS Madrigal Singers and we had taken a trip to do some shows on Oahu.  This was at the end of 1980.  We did not have a very rigorous schedule and that left plenty of time for enjoying the sights.  Back then, the drinking age was 18 and several of my friends were drinking legally, and getting drinks for those of us who were "close enough."

A group of us went to a restaurant in Honolulu and as we exited there was a group of locals.  A little girl was being held in a woman's arms.  I noticed them looking at me.  One of them was speaking to the little girl and pointing at me.  She looked at me for awhile then turned away as she noticed me looking back at her.

"Was that you?" I asked Nicole rhetorically.  Of course it was.  So what happened to that "little girl?"

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