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Sunday, November 7, 2010

God and Adversary: Status Report

added in September 11, 2009

Satan: I won!

God: This game is not over.

Satan: Look at your boy.  He is destroyed.  He has walled himself off from his flock.  The world is mine!

God: That world?  Yes, it is yours.  Despite our differences my Son has not forsaken Me.  And he knows I have not forsaken him.

Satan: Your Finger has proved meaningless.  My allies are prepared for the conflict.

God: Despite forsaking them as a whole my Son still recruits.  He still makes sure my will is done.

Satan: Nonsense.  I have murdered his love.  He will never love again.

God: None can bear his pain is why he will isolate.  We will kick this up a notch very soon.  The real victory will be ours.

Satan: This has been an exercise in futility.  He tells girls just a piece of the real truth and they begin to cry.  My strategies and tactics cannot be defeated. I am not done yet.

God: If you think you can turn my Son against me go ahead and keep trying.  I would be cautious about getting too close.

Satan: Thousand Oaks was just a taste of what is in store.

God: You got that right.

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