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Monday, November 8, 2010

If Victoria had brains...

was online September 29, 2009

If Victoria had brains she would not ask me about other girls. She would not tell me about other guys. She would ask me what I needed and do that.

Once she told me she "got it," the why my sister had to die, same as I explained before Gabriel and one other witness, she would ask me what is the best way to do that. Questions about Kenji were not relevant.

Once I told her the time was now she would have put effort into it, not delegated her job while she got her nose fixed.

She would have let me come inside her once.

She would have stayed the night once.

She would buy me a gift much better than a box of chocolates and eaten half of them herself.

Biggest reason I have suffered: My sister and the failure of all plans to eliminate her.

Just kill me. Revive Hitler and Khomeini and blow this entire, pathetically inept world to kingdom come already.

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