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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Justin vs Jesus

published for your consideration on October 13, 2009

Me: Came up with "Dick in a Box" concept.

Justin: Appeared in "Dick in a Box."

Me: Admired Xtina.

Justin: Wanted Britney.

Me: Hates Vegas.

Justin: Goes there.

Me: Moral Leader (Hat of Mickey Mouse Ear)

Justin: Former Club member.

Me: Broke and in debt.

Justin: Making money left and right.

Me: Followed by strangers.

Justin: Ditto.

Me: Has not met Rhianna, yet.

Justin: Knows Rhianna.

Me: Spent all my money.   Expected Ho's to listen.

Justin: Surrounded by Ho's.

Me: Used to watch SNL.

Justin: Is ON SNL a lot.

Me: Thunderbird.

Justin: Cougar.

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