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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My fish are dead, Nicole

also posted September 30, 2009

My fish are dead, Nicole.

I have been keeping fish since you were about ten years old.  You knew about my fish, but you didn't care about me or my fish.  And now my fish are dead, Nicole.

I really wish Victoria had done her job.  But she really didn't care about my fish either. 

Before I went back east in 2006 my sister said she wanted to name my fish.  I had four of them.  I told her not to and to stop.  She wanted to do it anyway. God-damned evil Khomeini Kunt won't be silenced UNLESS YOU KILL HER.

I told her to knock it off.  She named my fish after the Beatles.  Two of them died within two days.  Talk about a problem.

I salvaged what was left of the tanks and moved.  I performed miracles and no one gave a shit.

Before they threw me out of the apartment where I Commanded God's Finger, received Muhammad, the Glowing Beads, and the Bible changed a few times I killed the rest of my fish because I wanted their suffering to end.

They were nervous as I realized I would have no place to put them.  Nicole, Xtina, my friends and family, Hollyweird, California, Israel, the Vatican: NO ONE GAVE A SHIT about me or my fish.

How many of you will wind up like my fish?

Time will tell.

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