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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The mystery of the blue whales

put up on December 15, 2009

So what really happened to the Blue Whales?  Is someone going to come clean on this one or are we going to keep going with this like it is some kind of practical joke?

All evidence I can find CONTRADICTS my version of 1996.  It now seems more like a practical joke was played on me.  Let me give you my recollection of events.

During this year in the Dog Park I was told people believed that the Blue Whale had become extinct.  No one had seen one for a long time.  I was asked if we could pray them back into existence.  Like some sort of cetacean raising of the dead.

I thought the whole idea was ludicrous.  If we had lost the Blue Whales that was not my fault.  I am not God; I cannot search every cubic centimeter of the ocean to find the Blue Whales.  And besides, EXTINCT means EXTINCT.  If I bring a species back from extinction then people would just kill off animals and expect me to magically bring them back.  EXTINCT means EXTINCT.

But back then I thought refusing to try would not be correct.  So I said we could "dream vision quest" Blue Whales back into existence.  Not just one, you would have to imagine there was a family of blue whales swimming in the ocean.  I left it at that.

Most evidence you find now shows the Blue Whales never went extinct and there was a large group found in the ocean, near my location, in the Summer of 1996.

So I guess the whole thing was just a practical joke. 
The Blue Whales were never really gone.

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