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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Point and Counter Point

published November 9, 2009

What is the purpose of the Catholic Church?

From what I heard Pope Benedict XIV state recently: "The Saving Of Souls."

From my viewpoint: "Waiting For Me To Return, As Promised."

Are these points reconcilable?  I say, at this point, they are not.  Can there be a solution other than what I have recently stated?  Since when does the Church dictate my existence?  Did I not explain it to a priest when I was about five years old? 

Do you take the Church's side over mine because there are more of them than me?  Because they have more money?  Because I am unable to lasso this large entity?  Is it because my "bride" needs a lot of time to "clean house"? 

They make most of their money selling images based on MINE.  Selling things ASSOCIATED WITH ME.  Promising things will happen that I HAVE ALREADY MADE HAPPEN.

I am quick and the Church is ponderous.  I have "come quickly."

Who has jurisdiction over this conflict?  Are these questions too difficult to comprehend?

Keep in mind I predicted the transbutation of Pope Paul II.  The clock has been ticking since then.

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