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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Power to the people

put in place August 19, 2009

About 40 people saw Biggie Smalls get murdered.  There was a composite sketch. Jesus told the cops everything he saw, no more no less.  He showed the cops two of his three wounds.  Then nothing.

No trial.  So it's kinda like Chris wasn't murdered at all.

People know what they are doing.  Especially in California.

If Diddy was not convicted of obstructing justice then he did not obstruct justice.

If OJ was found not guilty then he is not guilty.

If R. Kelly was not found guilty then he did nothing wrong.

If your publicist tells the world you got married in Canada and his publicist says you didn't that doesn't mean you're married in Canada.  And when Jesus hears you've gotten married in Canada and you're still screwing and sucking everyone in his hometown then he knows you're a problem, to put it mildly.  Asking him for a prenup is just evil.

If Lindsay Lohan runs around like a spoiled lunatic she should spend about an hour and a half in jail.

Making movies and writing songs are not justice.

Who do you think makes more sense?  Jesus or Minnie Driver?

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