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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What ABOUT Lewis Hamilton?

dated October 21, 2009

You tell me, Baby Nicole.

If you threaten to destroy his house does he take a bath with you?

When does Lewis Hamilton die?

Will your curse kill him?  What will you do for money then?  Or should I say whom?

Does it matter?  Does this all seem like a dream to you?  Why are you associated with so many rats?  You are not compatible with them.  Are really that much of a drama queen/addict that you seek out this type of conflict?

That is not what is meant by opposites attract.  In case you are wondering I still find a number of girls in my vicinity that have figured out who I am.  How to treat me still eludes them.

Why do you still get any love at all?  Have you learned anything yet?

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