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Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Message From Hashem

Another vision from last night...

These always have many meanings contained in them.  About God, me, and the rest of you.

I saw a bird and this bird looked like a cocatiel.  As my view pulled backward from this bird there was a leafy barrier in front of the bird.  As I pulled back even further there was a large nest with a thin outer edge.  In the nest was a very large number, perhaps as many as three dozen, chicklings with mouths open waiting to be fed.

Very strange and disturbing.

When I woke up today, the first site I looked at had the photo from a story about aborted fetuses found in a Thai Buddhist monastery.  Although this story is quite sad, for many reasons, I was amazed at how the large number of white bundles reminded me of the chicklings in my vision.

Perhaps that was the first, or will it be the last, confirmation of what God told me.

You could also say my dirge of Yisroel of yesterday was connected to that.  Past, present, and future are as one with God and me.

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