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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Benedict the Usurper

posted June 30, 2009

Benedict, you are the usurper.

You are sitting on MY THRONE.  I have been properly identified as the Messiah since the day I was born.  You have no right to my Church.  Submit soon. 

One of the priests of MY CHURCH properly identified me decades ago.  The whole point of the R.C.C. is waiting for my return.  The Scriptures have changed, I was visited by Muhammad, I received the miracle of glowing beads.  Why am I being harassed now?  Because you will not relinquish what rightfully belongs to me.  Who cares about your reports on the identity of dead men's bones?  You are embarrassing me.

Catholics should be appalled that their King is trapped in America and the Church has repeated rejected their true shepherd.  Why do you think I allowed myself to be videotaped in San Diego about a year ago?  Did you see any of that?

Did you finally receive the message that I heard your confession transferred by God?  Highly unusual to say the least. Confessions from one person to the Messiah should be done in person.  Why does the Church persist in turning me away?

Ignorance is too simple an explanation.  I am beginning to believe there is an enormous infiltration of evil in my Church.  What are you going to do about it?  Why don't you get out of my way already and let the world see me where I belong rather than constantly being harassed by policemen that could not stop any of the assassination attempts?  I do not believe they have protected me one bit.

Have you even been shot point blank in the back in the ass, like I was on March 9th, 1997?  Has anyone attempted to blow up any of your vehicles?  When are we going to kill the seven seals people?  I believe we now have 21 of these people that must be eliminated to avoid the catastrophic end of billions.

To believe that the current course is correct is to believe everyone on this planet should get a gun and shoot me.  That will not save this world damned bit.

My authority is from God.  Yours comes from the College.  There is no comparison.  Public opinion be damned.

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