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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bitching @ Xtina

another post from June 30, 2009

Why is your catboy husband manager parading around naked in front of my son?

The only man he should have seen like that is me.

How many sex partners have the two of you had since May 1st 2007?   I am sure too many. Apparently I slipped your mind.  It keeps getting worse.

Besides Minnie Driver, how many sickening whores got my semen without my permission?  Screw you already.

Can you drive?

Can you cook?

Can you do anything useful?

Apparently not, just sing and your uterus works.  Big fricking deal.

Go to Hell with the rest of the bad people.  There will be no settling up because it just keeps getting worse.   Negligence and malfeasance will not be rewarded.

Did you see the videotape from San Diego last year?

I am just dumbfounded you and "your people" have done NOTHING RIGHT.  You are unforgivable just like Diddy.

Do you have James Brown's cloak?

Do you receive the B ala J jewelry?

Did you get Saddam's Qur'an?

Why do I have none of these things and no place to put them?  Because all of you are fooling yourselves if you think God and I are going along with this bullshit scheme.

You lost, big time, by not even trying.

I said in San Diego you are a spoiled rotten diva and a hypocrite.  A year later and you still have not rectified the situation.  You are an embarrassment to the industry and the Spanish speaking world.  I am sure Argentina doesn't even want you anymore.

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