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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The blue green thing

also added on December 11, 2009

I know that for some people "my color" is an important topic.  There might be a desire amongst people to give them a definitive answer.

The subject of colors, has been for some reason, an important discussion. For many people I am all of them, like a rainbow.

Many people associate me with orange since the Orange Man miracle in Orange County a few years ago.

However, it has for several reasons seemed it comes down to two: blue and green.

"Crosses are green and crosses are blue..."

Why might it be blue?  Because of blue ball vs red ball which became red pill vs blue pill in the Matrix?  My affinity for blue jeans?  Blue LEDs (How my diamonds in blue)? My mood which is now permanently Cool Blue?   The blue skin of Krishna?  The blue of lapis, a stone I like so much?   The stone of a Ravenous Wolf?

Or perhaps green is more appropriate.  My concern for the entire world and "green" issues.  The green bathrobe?  The green of new growth?   The green of youth?   The green of Islam?   The green of Christmas?  The green of the Chinese sign of the Rabbit?  The green of the sea?  The green of hazel irises that once were brown?

For those reasons and the obvious fact that I am from the TRIBE OF JUDAH AND NOT BENJAMIN, whose stone is green, the real ONE color is green.  Emerald or beryl, depending the translation your Bible might have.   No mater which it is, my true tribal color is green.

I hope that clears things up for you.

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