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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Review - Elisha's Bones

added on August 21, 2009

I just finished reading the book entitled "Elisha's Bones." I have been reading a lot more fiction even though it is usually "Jesus related." If you don't often go to the bookstore I found this one in the Christian fiction section.

Also, I had stated on June 30, 2006 that I believed I WAS Elisha. There has been this pattern before:

Elijah then Elisha
John the Baptist then Jesus
Columbus Meeker then me

Back to the book. This is mystery thriller type of novel. A man is interested in Elisha's bones because of their apparent ability to raise the dead (see Second Kings for this reference in Scripture). He employs the main character to find them; an archeologist in perhaps the same mold as Indiana Jones. I found this to be a great read.

This the Don Hoesel's first published novel but I can tell he is seasoned writer. His style is very vivid; the images were concrete and well placed. There were many that seemed to be plucked from my recent past. I found myself a bit overwhelmed by some of the scenes in the book as they often seemed like inverted images of my life. Frequently, I stopped to absorb sections that were eerie reminders of recent personal episodes. I supposes I am a bit maudlin these days because I fought back the tears at certain points.

Elisha's bones were a thoroughly intriguing subject for a book even if I did not think of them as my bones from a previous lifetime that could bring people back to life. Did that make sense?

Please do not kill me so you can use my bones to bring people back to life.


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