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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book Review

carefully considered for viewer's enlightenment July 14, 2009

I saw the movie when it came out and finally got around to reading the book. 


I spoke about it on 6/30/06.  After reading it I would like to mention a few things.

To the knowledgeable, it is clear Paul is the science fiction version of Jesus.

Clearly, as hero of the different cultures and faiths, the fulfillment of several prophesy versions and dreams of the future he has a story very much like my own.  As a story it explores much of what it feels like to be Messiah.  The term Messiah is used there.

However, there are some amazing differences.  Paul wields amazing power and was made wealthy.  For me, it seems people approach me at the last minute for advice and counsel and I receive practically nothing.  I will not go into how frustrated I am at what I see all around me.  Let me just say I occasionally go to churches and find incredible irony when I hear people testify the belief I will come back.  That was back in 1963.

I find it interesting to note that Paul seemed to be continually rewarded for his accomplishments.  People take credit for mine; I have been punished for doing what I said I would do and what I predicted would happen.  Instead of being elevated I have been cast aside.  Save us, go away for ten years, and then save us again.  Do it all for free because that is who you are.  Let us make idols out of your enemies and make them wealthy.  The rest of you get the wool pulled over your eyes.  I speak with homeless and other cast-offs because we have so much in common.  As I stated on video over a year ago I have my own unique form of PTSD because so many of you are unwilling and unable to help me or do what I said must be done.  I do not conform to your view of Jesus.  Which, of course, is not my fault.  I am mostly sure it is too late for all of you.

Most importantly, I would like to state that I mentioned of the other characters in the book, the closest correspondence is between my Mother and Lady Jessica.  The private conversations we had were much like those between Paul and Jessica.  My Mother told me many important things but did not "train" me the same way Jessica did with Paul.  Still the relationship the two of them had was very much like the one my Mother and I had.  There are a large number of you that screwed up what my mother foresaw for me.  Mostly because you are trying to cover up the fact you are shape-shifters and there have been too many people covering up crimes, and you collectively make a fortune off my image.  Especially in Los Angeles.

I've done all I needed to do and all the things my Mother told me I have to do.  The rest of you dropped the ball.  Again, not my fault.  I see this world on the very edge of doom and with each passing day a little closer to utter destruction.  Individually, you are trying your best.  Collectively, you woke up late.  Greedy is what I think of all of you.  And you still love posting photos of the greediest of all.  Because she's pretty.  And she made a phone call.  She is the physical embodiment of a Pubic Library.  She deserves to die.  Some must die for others to live.

How bizarre. For about two years Kilauea has been blowing toxic smoke.  She has done so longer.

I dare you to go to my YouTube channel ( and watch the videos I made before I got evicted from the apartment where I commanded God's Finger in the sky, made the Glowing Beads necklaces, and more.  Has much changed? 

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