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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Jesus Clearance

and I posted this on July 14, 2009 as well

Because you cannot take it with you...

I suppose I could have done this sooner. Hold on, wait a minute, I did.

I don't have the money for storage. No one can part with a few bucks to help, and so my storage unit is about to get cleaned out. Just like my apartment was.

There are a lot of Jesus clothes there.  The really expensive suit, the robe, my bike, custom computer cases, and much more.

Go on, help yourselves. You never thought to share much: give proper respect, or help me when I asked.

Go get my crap at bargain rates because your lack of consideration got me not to care.  Do you think I want any of that anymore? Go ahead and eat it for all I care.

You don't even know how to ask me for something.  But I did figure something out.


P.S. I do remember saying "We'll see if Michael lives to be half as old as George Burns" Oh, well.

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