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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Attempts by my sister

written July 15, 2009

There is no way I could fully explain how badly my sister lies and has tormented me.  I know she tried to take me down consistently.

She continually said bad things behind my back but pretended to be the loving sister in person.

Whenever I was vulnerable she attacked.
The following boyfriends attempted to take me out: Will Weston, Asus Ibrahimi, David (last name unimportant), some Greek Euro trash whose name eludes me, and the guy that was SUPPOSED TO BE LAST, Moshe.

I know there are others.

YOU MUST KILL THE PARASITE OR THE HOST DIES.  Why anyone would hesitate in the PRIME DIRECTIVE eludes me.

But you wanted me to explain it in a phone call with a Succubus.  You could have done so much better.

Signs of the End Times are all around us.  I guess the belief in Scripture older than me is more powerful when I cannot rely on the world that has crushed me.

Sorry doesn't cut it.  I've heard it all before.

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