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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is this making sense now?

from July 16, 2009

Christina should have done something MUCH SOONER.  The rest of you ladies could not even lift a finger, let alone give me one night.  I needed much more than that to lift the Curse of Nicole.  You could not even show up on time to negotiate.  Ladies are really bad at negotiating, in general.  I explained how it should have been done, but you are too proud to do it correctly.  That is your fault.  You can bow before the inanimate because the inanimate has no feelings and does not criticize you.  Obviously!

So many of you are like the little girl I saw in the coffee shop a few months ago. 

Mom says, "C'mon, honey.  We have to go"

Little Girl says "I don' wanna!"

Mom asks her again, nicely.

Little Girl goes up to her this time and looks up, "I don' wanna!"

Girls are hard-wired to be defiant.  Seems obvious to me.

You love your babies more than you care about me.

Once I cursed Christina, who recently announced she is shooting a movie about her being a "singer" who makes good, she has announced she is a spokeswoman for world hunger.

Once again, a woman that deserves to be punished by me for negligence and malfeasance is desperate to make up a sterling image for herself to sway public opinion against me.

You are all so much like succubi.  Take and take from me and give me nothing in return.


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