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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Explain it to me

posted July 20, 2009

Why did I have to save all of you TWICE?

Was once not enough?

Is it because all I did back in 1995 & 1996 was defeat those things everyone was denying even existed?

Was it because a stoned, yet crazy like a fox, Messiah was prepared to do all it took to win against impossible odds?  And then you only made things worse for me with your foolishness, adulterousness, witchcraft, love of intoxicants, and money.  Throw some doctors and lawyers at me while you're at it.  Laws of men should not interfere with the will of God.

Look at it AGAIN from my perspective: since then we have a billion more people, demons set loose upon me, less help than ever and forced to eat from Pharaoh's hand while Under Armor, Crocs, and other organizations made huge sums of money off my ideas.

Not a single woman or nation saw fit to comfort or accompany me.

Now I eat from Caesar's hand and people think I should make do with even less!

This is all preposterous.  I gave you so many chances.  Was there no one in any other country able to come forward and hand over what I deserve?  You think I know where all of you are?  I expected an invitation so I know you are ready to talk.  Apparently you need the enormous earthquake from Revelations.  You heard the warning shot last year after my appearance at ComicCon and two more while I was at Rancho los Amigos in Downey.  Those were located mere blocks from WHERE I WAS BORN.  Get it?

Charades!  Guaranteed to drive even the Messiah crazy.

Thanks for nothing.

And if you think I am angry, just imagine how The Most High, Ever Living One, Our Heavenly Father feels about it.

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