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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I know you're angry

for your consideration on July 21, 2009

Me: Lord, please be gentle with me.

GOD: Why haven't you died yet?

Me: I came close.  I want to die, I just cannot take the plunge.

GOD: You are vexing me.  You saw that vision correctly.  You were supposed to jump.

Me: I know.  But I beg your forgiveness.  The visions you give me are overwhelming.  Almost every time I close my eyes I see incredible things.  That one hit me as soon as I turned the key off in the rest area and blinked.

GOD: Did you see the dark cloud one?

Me: Yes.  Was that the impact on Jupiter?

GOD: Some people might accept that as the answer.  Don't you think it was more significant than that?

Me: People don't want to hear those things.  They want happy endings.

GOD: We have never been closer.

Me: Yes.  Vision of the lightbulb.  There is me and then the rest of humanity.

GOD: They are mostly worthless.  They owe you everything and give you hardly anything at all.  Remind them I am not causing the flood, they are.

Me: I have.  Please forgive me for being as blind as I have been to the CAT PEOPLE problem.  They are all over the place.

GOD: You see things as they really are.  I am amazed you put up with all the equivocating nonsense that you do.

Me: What choice do I have?

GOD: HA HA HA.  That was funny.  I thank myself every day for creating you.  I don't know where I would be without you.

Me: I think the same thing, too.

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