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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dear Violators of Deut. 18

posted July 31, 2009

I am sure you are still keeping track of me. Of course you are...

I have found some more of the people you told me about over three years ago on the phone. I forgot which ones you said I would like and which ones you said I would have sex with.

I think I like them all.  I have not had sex with any of them.  Some irises have changed color.

I think some people have gotten the percentages all wrong.  I see so many people with grey irises that they seem to be a majority around where I have been.  My irises are still hazel: they have not turned blue or grey yet.

I still can find Bibles with God's updates since 6/30/06.  Are you impressed?  I wonder why I'm treated like a criminal?  Oh right, it's because I have no money.  No money equals "loser" in this world.  I keep forgetting.

Somehow I thought being the Messiah was worth something.

It does not seem this was worth it at all.

And to PCD: Nicole is the Curse, as I've said.  You should have reorganized without her last year.  She can fail on her own.  Now you know how I feel: she was just using you the whole time.  And by the way, I am completely unimpressed with your collaborations with R. Kelly.

It really is not that hard to demonize her.  Just imagine her with dental and breast implants removed. Scary!

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