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Friday, November 12, 2010

Get That Money!

posted on November 7, 2009

That is what I heard someone say in Mesa, AZ.  He was talking about the work he was doing.  He did not work for wages; he was paid on commission.

When you do that type of work you have to hustle.  No one is going to drop money in your lap.  You have to make your pay check happen.  But when people stop spending, it becomes increasingly difficult to "get that money."

It is true that a lot of things people and corporations have been doing to "get that money" have been inspired by things I told them about, reminded them of, or just flat out stole and ran away with. For some strange reason they all felt they owed me nothing.

Do I really have to sue all of you to get back what really is mine?  I still cannot fathom why anyone's reasoning or belief system led them to put my reward in anyone's hands but my own.

Explain it to me if you can.

If you want to BE LIKE ME, NOW
You will join my boycotts of

JP Morgan Chase
Under Armor
Lightning Car Company
Bank of America
The music industry
The movie industry
Keeanu Reeves
The Catholic Church

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