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Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I do not miss about Los Angeles

shared on November 1, 2009

Antonio Villarigosa
Cardinal Mahony
Jimmy Iovine
everyone else associated with Interscope
The NBA Teams

The Statue at The Grove
Rose & Main
Kathy Griffin
Echo Park
St. Bede's Episcopal Church in Mar Vista
The Cow's End
Palm Court Apartments
Masseuses who like my tailbone too much
Actors who want to cheer me up by inviting me to their shows
People who want money from me when I am looking for a job
People who cannot remember my name
Friends who don't know nor care where I live
Baja Cantina
Waverly Heights
That part of the bike path
People who miss me now that I'm gone
People who want "marriage equality" even after voters turned it down.  Especially those who use "Love Thy Neighbor" as a reason WHY JESUS WOULD BE IN FAVOR OF GAY MARRIAGE ?!?!?
People who think Biggie was killed in Compton
Oki Dog
The Pleasure Chest
The Beverly Center
The A channel
7 Eleven Stores
Ozzie Osbourne's old house

The dozens of people I gave my phone number or email address to and have not tried to contact me yet

I'll be damned if I see another bitch on your arm!
Rancho Los Amigos in Downey

Girls who like rilly, rilly, like totally put it out there instead of buying me lunch, giving me a flat place on which to sleep, and a spot where I could clean up
People who think I'm crazy
Ashley Roberts
People who feel sorry for those who ripped me off, chose not to listen or relate, or avoided me

Did I leave anyone out?

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