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Friday, November 12, 2010

Thomas versus Natalie Portman

blogged on November 1, 2009

There was a man I had been looking for in Oakland, CA.  He found me outside a motel near the airport.  I was thinking about him the moment he turned the corner.  I knew who he was before he spoke.

Now, let's compare him to Natalie Portman.

Thomas: Male/Black/Christian

Natalie: Female/White/Jewish

Thomas: Right on cue. (2007)

Natalie: Really late. (2008)

Thomas: We got along very well.

Natalie: Not compatible.

Thomas: Was exceedingly glad to meet me.

Natalie: Scared shitless.

Thomas: A long exchange where much was revealed.

Natalie: Took off after a short exchange.

Thomas: Poor. Was walking in a dangerous neighborhood.

Natalie: Rich. Driving my old Jeep Liberty in an affluent neighborhood.

Thomas: Made jokes about him on 6/30/06.

Natalie: Flirted with her on 6/30/06.

Thomas: Not selling anything.

Natalie: Selling a lot of things.

Thomas: Believable and honest. My type of person.

Natalie: Ambitious and overconfident. Just a bit less slutty than other celebrities.

Whom do you think I was more inspired by?

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