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Friday, November 12, 2010

Herding Cats Again

for October 31, 2009

Ever hear that expression?

A job so difficult it's like "herding cats." I went to a party the other night.   I met the hostess when I was looking for a room.  I am sure she is cat people.  Sweet, attractive, strong sexual energy, not necessarily "into the Commandments."

The party was well attended.   Many "artsy-fartsy" types.   So many "mouths like a wedge."   There was a lot of noise.  People should have been quiet while performers were on stage.  But no one seemed to listen and several people implored the crowd, that had too many cat people, to be quiet.   Cat people do not always listen well.

I had told the hostess that I lost one of my bracelets at her last party; that was earlier in the week.  As I was talking to one of her guests I noticed MY BRACELET in a jar on the counter.    She was going to sell my bracelet if she could.  I opened the jar and took it back: obviously it WAS MINE and she had no right to sell it.   I said to her friend "I accomplished my mission for this party.   I can go now." and we laughed. I stayed a bit longer, but left the party a bit early. I still have some physical limitations, was still feeling a bit the outsider, but mostly due to TOO MANY CAT PEOPLE!

I have to be honest. :)

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