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Monday, November 8, 2010

Have I Been Misquoted Again?

offered to you on September 27, 2009

It has been a frustrating nightmare to be me. There are some days I am not sure whether it is time to lop off a bunch of your heads or my own. You still haven't killed me, and you are killing yourselves in the process.

I won't even go into how you misquote me from about 2000 years ago. This is obvious to anyone with half a working brain. There would be only ONE VERSION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT in each language if you made sense.

It's this lifetime that concerns me most. During that year in the Dog Park, I described the world today as analogous to the story of the Sea of Galilee. There was a difference: I was not, and am not, on a mountain far away from my friends. I said:


This made reference to my conversation with Chris Wallace in Venice, CA in 1995. This then became a matter of choice: are going to select the BLUE BALL or THE RED BALL? Are you going to believe in me or not. Apparently after 10 years of bullshit you chose not to believe in me.  Individually you often chose not to trust me.  Friends I had for decades were uninterested in my plight.  Is it the abandoned baby's fault if he cries? 

What ever happened to don't make Baby Jesus cry?

Even given one more year so many of you still screwed up. Are you proud of that or ashamed? The Matrix equation has changed. God, me, and the rest if the world. God has apparently gone RED. It seems all of you have chosen RED. I am the wild-card. I am certain I want RED even though I dedicated my body and soul to BLUE. I want RED now.

Besides, how long did you think I could hold God back? He will get what He wants. He keeps time better than all of us combined. You should be prepared for the Ascension. If you are with me, I assure you we will win. If you are against me, you will understand the terrible swift sword.

There were so many warnings, signs, clues, opportunities, and chances. Look at where I am now. I have put myself out for so many of you and there are just too many of you. You keep reverting to your wicked ways.

I always told people the truth: as much as they could handle. "Sorry" and excuses will not cut it.

You have to love the drama and excitement of all this, right?

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