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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hold On, Wait A Minute!

added to the blog on October 25, 2009

I am absolutely appalled when I hear people speak publicly and privately.  People can say the most insane things I have to wonder what their real motivations are.  Why is it they can so quickly dismiss their own brothers and sisters lives?

The worst thing I have heard people say in recent times is "Iraq was a mistake." Can you even fathom my reaction to that?

I can tell you absolutely I was not pleased about the wars in Iraq.  I have only endorsed the good fights that have been fought.  To me, the war in the 21 st century happened for a reason.  I am not endorsing the strategies or the tactics. To me, it was a worst case, last chance scenario.  But the war there has been fought for a reason.  Too many people have suffered and died for it to be dismissed as a mistake or too costly.

Iraq is not just a place to be dismissed out of hand.  There have been important struggles throughout the world.  But do not forget that Iraq is the birthplace of Abraham.  The Chaldea is where prophets have had visions recorded in the Book of the Prophets.  Iraq has tremendous historical and religious significance.  There have been a series of tremendous mistakes throughout the region.  The last one was an attempt to fix those mistakes.  It is not a mistake to try and correct the mistakes.

How about Ruhollah Khomeini was a mistake?
How about letting Ruhollah Khomeini live after trying to kill me was a mistake?
How about Ruhollah Khomeini should be burned in effigy through Iran.  Treating him as a hero is a mistake?
How about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait was a mistake?
How about leaving Saddam in power after Dessert Storm was a mistake?
And so on...

Only adults who suffer from a severe memory deficiency, who fail to understand freedom is not free, who ignore the sacrifices people all over the world have made to what is good and right, who would surrender the achievements of our ancestors for short term comfort, would dare to utter these things.

They are soft in the brain.  Not me.  These people utter lies about God and deny Him.  I have not, nor will I.  I know what hypocrisy is and denounce all of it.

Why do you think I stayed out of the last election?  Was it because I could not register?  I could have.  Was it because I felt left out chose to stay out?  To a great extent, yes.  But I also chose to not be associated with one side's version of the truth versus the other.

It never should have happened?

I could say that about a billion things!

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